Rittenmyer Family – Marymoor Park


Every once in a while the stars align and the weather gods bless you with perfection exactly when you need it.  That’s how it was a week ago when we hedged our bets, got up before dawn, and made our way over to the Eastside of Seattle for an early morning sunrise shoot.  The drive over was pristine and quiet.  The mountains on all sides were out, majestically watching over us, if you’ve been to Seattle you know how glorious this is when it happens.  Upon arrival we were surrounded by low fog and beams of light yearning to break free from their confines.  It was simply beautiful.  Later in the day (after naps, showers, and breakfast) we met up at a local brewery, a favorite activity for this clan, and snapped a few more.  All in all the best kind of PacNW weekend with some fabulous people.


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