Changing seasons

Fun Stuff

This time of year changes feel even more intense as colors literally start exploding out of nothingness around us.  

It really makes me stop to appreciate the simple things and the beauty in everything. I’m also finding it’s a time for things to be refocused and tended for.

Even if they’re taking time, my dreams are still very much alive and I’m seeing glimpses of it when I see what I’m capturing with my lens.  Where I go, what I’m doing, who I’m spending time with, how I’m capturing it, how I’m putting the pieces together, how I’m putting my living space together – it feels like a creative evolution of sorts.  

I hope spring is inspiring all of you as well.  In a mere week, we’ll be hitting summer and I cannot wait to kick it off with a bonafide staycation.  Hopefully the Seattle weather gods will oblige me.  


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