Lelia Portraits – Kirkland


I’ve known Lelia for almost 10 years.  What’s super fun to me about this particular shoot is that we’ve worked together at 2 different jobs and seen each other’s careers go every which way but I would venture to say that neither of us ever expected to be where we find ourselves now and in this moment, I had the supreme honor of taking portraits for her new business venture.  Lelia is a super talented lady who frankly is more on top of it than pretty much anyone I’ve ever known.  She has what I affectionately call, the producer gene.  I’ve got it, a lot of our friends have it, my sister has it (am I talking about the force? perhaps), and really it’s quite difficult to explain but believe me when I say, it’s elusive and very, very handy.  Well, let’s just say not only does Lelia have that gene in spades but she also has a keen eye for design and an uncanny ability to synthesize information and translate that into something beautiful.  I got to see this first hand as we prepared for this shoot.  As she jumpstarts her interior design business she is also turning into quite the globetrotter and I love seeing how she has been incorporating all that inspiration from her travels.  It’s funny how much things change and yet stay the same.  I had such a great time photographing her.  I’ve been very keen to hop into environmental portraiture as well so this was an incredible opportunity to highlight other aspects of my photography.  To think we used to drag ourselves out of the office for coffees in the pouring rain just to get a break from our cubicles not too long ago.  Super excited for what’s ahead for this lady.


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