Workin' nine to five

In addition to photography, I've got a full-time gig as the Sr. Brand Manager at online education startup, CreativeLive.  Like most Gen X & Yers, my path has been windy and fueled by purpose and meaning.   I believe that in these crazy times storytelling, creativity, innovation and connection will lead the way and I'm so committed to working with brands that are bettering the world in these ways. 

Over the past five years I've been working with a fab team of folks at CreativeLive developing content, our brand voice and aesthetic.  My first task in this role was developing our mission, vision, value proposition, and brand attributes which gave us a foundation to move forward from.  Much of that work has been brought to life through photography strategy & style I've crafted and brand videos I've helmed and our design expression (I've included a few projects below for you to check out).  If you'd like to work together on a brand project or a crazy new fandangled dream please reach out and say hi! I'd love to hear from you. Email: - or here's my  resume on LinkedIn if you want to know the real nitty gritty of how I got to where I am today. Hint, there's lots of production & agency work, oh my! 



One of the things I've had the most fun with at CreativeLive is developing a photo strategy.  It's a brand based on authenticity and the creator so what better way to show off our creative community than portraits highlighting their personalities? 

Role(s): Strategy, Creative Direction & Producing



This video represents a turning point in CreativeLive's brand where we started to tap into the joy of the creative journey for our 2015 holiday campaign.  It won a Silver Telly in the digital category / branded content & entertainment.

Role(s): Creative Direction, Writing, Producing



As part of the brand expression overhaul on we've made a series of videos to highlight various aspects of the brand reach including this partnership video. 

Role(s): Creative Direction, Writing, Producing

World's Best Creators

CreativeLive brings all creators access to the world's leading creative visionaries and instructors.  This video highlights some of the movers and shakers changing lives through our platform. 

Role(s): Creative Direction, Writing, Producing



This one is near and dear to my heart as a photographer myself.  CreativeLive got its start in photography education and this piece is meant to speak to that portion of the audience.  It's a celebration of what we do as photographers. 

Role(s): Creative Direction, Writing, Producing (cameo if you look for it, hee hee)


iOs & TVos app launch

In fall 2016 CreativeLive launched an iOS and tvOS app.  This was our launch video kicking off this exciting new phase for the company. Learning in your pocket, on the go. 

Role(s): Creative Direction, Writing, Producing (and yet another cameo!)




In January 2016 CreativeLive launched its new brand expression centered around the creator that lives in all of us.  This video launched that new direction. 

Role(s): Creative Direction, Writing, Producing