Halloween Playlist & Movie Watch List

Halloween Danielle Motif Photography Hey Boo

There's something about a moody mix around Halloween to just put you in the perfect state of mind for cider and candy and helloooo movie-watching.  I've had a funny relationship with this holiday since childhood so I've decided to start making it my own in a new way.  To begin, a new approach to some of the goodies I'll be treating you all to here on the blog in the coming months.  If I could sum up what I love in one word, it's experience.  When we're thinking about throwing a party, or prepping for a photo shoot or a job interview - having something as simple as a playlist at the ready can boost those moments into a whole new stratosphere.  I come from a family of musicians.  I grew up deeply seeded in all things rhythmic, harmonic, lyrical, percussive, you name it. While my future career left my violin in the dust, my passion for music hasn't gone anywhere.  If anything I've learned how even more important it is in the greater human story.  If you used to get mixtapes and mix CDs from me, you know this girl LOVES a good combination of tunes for every mood and every occasion.  So I'm going to start sharing some of that energy here as I work towards my mission of putting good vibes out into the world.  Spotify is rad enough to have this handy embed feature now and I am super happy to start sharing playlists with all of you.  To kick it off, a Halloween mix to set the mood for those trick or treaters - and to follow it up, a little nod to my film-school roots.  The mix is a little bit dark & moody and mostly sits in a minor key.  The songs celebrate the creepy and weird and make you ponder some spellwork. It's a mix with 80s & 90s classics and dips in and out of indie & pop then finishes with some retro rhythms and stylings. Light a candle for added effect.  If you're still awake from all that candy, I've got a list of movies for all those out there like me who aren't really fans of horror and being scared out of their minds for Halloween.  These lean a little more fantasy, silly, sci-fi, and suspenseful.  Happy Halloween all!  Here's to seeing things from a new point of view.  

(no one said I made good choices in costumes early on..who chooses a court jester who CLEARLY has their holidays wrong?)

(no one said I made good choices in costumes early on..who chooses a court jester who CLEARLY has their holidays wrong?)

There's a lot of Tim Burton on this list, but can you blame me?

A classic.

Beautiful animation from Portland's Laika

Fun fact: this soundtrack was one of my first CDs! The other was Pearl Jam's "Ten"

Yeah, yeah, I know, but I'm not above this.

This prequel to Alien will probably have you turning your head away a couple of times if you're squirmy. It's about on the edge of horror to me.

This one really surprised me.  It's really suspenseful but I dug it.

Honestly, for a Halloween treat, I don't think it gets any better than the first of the Harry Potter series. It's simply magical.

Saw this one on a plane and had limited expectations but the effects were really pretty great.

For a fun twist, I thought I'd add the new female-led Ghostbusters to the list.  It was actually really fun and had much of the spirit from the originals.

*Of note, Sean of the Dead & Pan's Labyrinth.  I was trying to drop in the trailers but YT was requiring age verification so I opted to not plop them here.  SOTD is the only zombie movie I've ever gotten through. So for what that's worth. And Pan's Labyrinth is absolutely amazing filmmaking (kind of scary but I still made it) - ha. Enjoy friends!