Fun with lenses: Canon 85mm and 35mm

They'rrrreeee hhheeerrree! As I'm building out my new kit there are moments when I can't believe how everything is coming together.  It's simply thrilling.  I just got back from a work trip, am exhausted and still 'off' after a bumpy and slightly nauseating ride home but waiting for me - 2 lenses (used - thank you Adorama!) to explore with.  I ripped open the box and desperately opened everything up as I watched the daylight disappear.  I had what seemed like a 10 min window so I cranked up my ISO and went for it.  The sky and my cat proved to be closest subjects for those ever-precious first snaps!  Welcome home to my new buddies Canon's 85mm 1.8 and the 35mm 2.0.

Canon 85mm and 35mm lenses
Tabby Cat
Tabby Cat
Sunset over the Olympic Mountains in Seattle

Danielle Elliott

Seattle, WA, USA

I'm a photographer, brand manager, and creative living in Seattle. I'm a travel enthusiast with a passion for storytelling and digging into as many creative endeavors as I can.