Dusk in Seattle

This past week I took the new camera out for a spin at dusk at the Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park and Myrtle Edwards Park.  I went with a wide zoom (17-40mm) and absorbed all the splendor of the evening light and warm breezes along the waterfront.  It was the anniversary of when we laid my grandfather to rest and I couldn't help but feel surrounded by his energy and the beautiful gift of storytelling through photography that he inspired in me during his final years.  

Myrtle Edwards Park
Sunflowers at Dusk
Myrtle Edwards Park
Myrtle Edwards Park
Olympic Sculpture Park

Danielle Elliott

Seattle, WA, USA

I'm a photographer, brand strategist, and creative living in Seattle. I'm a travel enthusiast with a passion for storytelling and digging into as many creative endeavors as I can.