winter in walnut creek

I had the most joyous shoot a few weeks back with my sister Cecille.  We took to the hills of the Shell Ridge Open Space near Walnut Creek to take some promo shots.  The landscape was incredible.  It made it loads of fun to come up with ideas and Cecille was up for all the challenges I gave her.  So happy to finally share some of these images.  

Cecille - Tree - Danielle Motif.jpg
Cecille branches - Danielle Motif.jpg
Cecille Walnut Creek - Danielle Motif.jpg
Cecille In the Trees - Danielle Motif.jpg
Cecille Left - Danielle Motif.jpg

Danielle Elliott

Seattle, WA, USA

I'm a photographer, brand manager, and creative living in Seattle. I'm a travel enthusiast with a passion for storytelling and digging into as many creative endeavors as I can.