pintastic outdoorsy inspiration

Well, tomorrow I begin a true Northern California adventure - a trip to Yosemite in late November.  What's ahead?  Well, rumor has it 19 degrees overnight and a very toasty 44 degrees and party cloudy during the day.  Here's what I know...I can't wuss out.  And also?  I'm kind of glamping.  I mean, we're talking a heated tent.  So anyway, this gal is prepping by bringing hand warmers, toe warmers, and any other warmers carried at REI.  I hope to snap some beauties like my outdoorsy Pinterest board

Danielle Elliott

Seattle, WA, USA

I'm a photographer, brand strategist, and creative living in Seattle. I'm a travel enthusiast with a passion for storytelling and digging into as many creative endeavors as I can.