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Hi there!  I’m a lifestyle photographer and brand strategist with a passion for travel and a delicious cocktail.  I'm a storyteller captivated by the experiences that connect us.

So what do I mean by lifestyle? Oh so much.

  • Occasions toasted with champagne alongside friends and family
  • Cozy times snuggled up on the couch with your fur baby by your side
  • Running around at the park chasing after kids who maybe had too much sugar today
  • Road trips with your friends where you only listened to Michael Jackson
  • First snows, spring blossoms, and a hot cider when the leaves change
  • Falling in love and knowing one another so well your heart swells just at the thought

It’s our experiences, the sum of many parts, our everyday moments and those extra special days that happen once in a lifetime. It's our stories.

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My approach is relaxed to help create space for authenticity and candid moments. Let’s face it, not everyone likes having their picture taken (raises hand) so I definitely try to keep things light and fun during our time together so you can feel comfortable and be yourself.  If I can allow someone to feel seen and understood, I couldn’t be happier.

I live in Seattle with my boyfriend and our little house tiger and every day I'm trying to put good vibes out into the world. You can also find me over at daniellemotifphotography.com to see more of my commercial and editorial work in travel, food, and events.  Thanks for stopping by!