Danielle Motif Photography



My mission is simple: brighten the world & spread joy by telling our stories, documenting special moments and celebrating the every day. 

Danielle Elliott of Danielle Motif Photography

From an early age I was obsessed with branding, experiences, and visual storytelling.  I may not have known what it was called or had any comprehension around why it mattered to me but I knew when mouse ears appeared, something fun and special was about to happen.  In the years that followed I picked up a camera, started studying my passions and refining my aesthetic.  With a background in film production & critical studies I learned how to craft beautiful stories and I executed on endless ideas as a producer throughout my career.  Now I've put the strategic part of myself together with the passionate creative side and lo and behold a bonafide brand nerd has emerged who has honed her style through lifestyle photography.  My grandfather in his final years taught me the about the importance of documenting our time here.  For me, it's the in between moments and the silly faces, it's the places we gather to eat, to laugh, and to dance.  It's the trips we take around the world and the staycations we have at home.  From coffee shop sketch sessions & dinner parties to weddings, I aim to always bring that candid and authentic approach to my photos while still having a blast styling, incorporating the environment and capturing the true beauty of a subject.

I'm so happy you're here.  Let's make something beautiful together.

xo, Danielle