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Hi there!  I’m a lifestyle photographer based out of Seattle and I take photos for people who want to tell a story.

So what do I mean by lifestyle? It’s special moments toasted with champagne with friends and family, cozy times snuggled up on the couch, running around at the park chasing after kids who maybe had too much sugar today, and it's falling in love all over again.  It’s our experiences, the sum of many parts. It’s tapping into all our senses and activating something visceral. I call it, good vibes and that’s what I’m all about.

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My approach is relaxed to help create space for authenticity and candid moments. Let’s face it, not many people actually like having their picture taken (raises hand) so I definitely try to keep things chill and make people feel comfortable so they can be themselves.  If I can allow someone to feel seen and understood, I couldn’t be happier.  Thanks for stopping by.

You can also find me over at daniellemotifphotography.com to see more of my commercial and editorial work.